Why Outsource?

Why Outsource? 2016-12-31T10:11:41+00:00

Running a business is hard. It sucks. According to most photographers, 90% of their business isn't photography-related. That means 90% of the time you are doing tasks that don't inspire you. I can help - by letting me take on the admin work, your business will actually flourish, leaving you more time to do the creating, and less time being bogged down under a mountain of crap.

Reduce Overhead

Because I use my own office and supplies, you don’t have to supply the additional overhead.

Pay For What You Use

Pay per project.  Pay per partial hour.  Buy hourly chunks.  Just pay for what you need, with none of the downtime.

No Taxes or Benefits

As a non-traditional employee, you don’t have to pay all the extra stuff that come along with being a boss.  I pay my own taxes and benefits.

Flexible Scheduling

9-5 is for nerds.  I work a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs.  Although I’m not sure that makes me less of a nerd. 


Feeling overwhelmed?  Knock it off.  Let me take a bit off your plate so you can relax, focus your efforts, and kick ass.

Save Money and Time

Hiring a virtual assistant is far more affordable than a part-time employee, and takes less time investment into training and management.

Get Streamlined

Are you a hot mess? If you needed to hand off your entire process in case of an accident or illness, could you? Getting streamlined is a real thing! I can help you get organized, get backed up, and get your shit together.

Client Barrier

Keep me anonymous, or let me be your barrier. I can weed out the looky loos, act as your professional scheduler, and deal with the nightmare clients. You will look like the big deal that you are!

Special Skills

I’ve got skills. Nunchuck skills, cage fighting skills, and a bunch of other skills you need when running a business. And since I have them, you don’t need to waste the time to learn them.

Have you heard enough? Are you ready to get your crappy tasks off of your plate? Schedule your FREE consultation today!

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